Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A cold-hearted god

It's crazy because all of our thinking can be reduced to mathematics. You can look at a paper with mathematical constructs, equations and expressions in it to find that this paper is actually a model to what's in your head in a given context.
We will reach the point where we will express love in terms of mathematics and the world is going to become cold. The world is cold because it was created by someone with infinite knowledge and one who knows everything cannot have a warm heart.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


What exactly happens to the mind when someone is struck by memories past?
Memories that hardly ever come to the mind, that they're completely forgotten and considered as never happened, are suddenly recalled into the mind and the conscious brain is unable to do anything except to fall into a trance. Not do I only feel the crushing feeling of missing something, but also I start to think about what I used to think at that period of my life. What my personality was like, what inspired me and what motivated me. I remember many of things that are related to the song, the image, the voice, the idea that provoked my memory of the past.
I've been struggling with memories and dreams for a long while. I just want to understand what goes on inside my mind. Another factor that fuels my interest in taking this endeavor seriously and studying the human brain and mind. The advanced degree of the sophistication of our brain that is even exceeded by the sophistication of the mind completely fascinates me. In addition to fulfilling curiosity, a more complete understanding of this issue would help me deal with it better.