Monday, February 22, 2010

Plug hack

Fire and electricity are really dangerous. This is why I don't waste my time fooling around with just one of them, I mess around with both. This is exactly the reason why I'm writing this blog post in the dark.
So it's 2:14AM, half an hour after a unique incident I caused by recklessly trying to do what I want, no matter what.
I don't have a lighter (nor matches.) It's night and supermarkets are closed, so I can't get a lighter to light up the oven to heat up some food I got from a restaurant yesterday.
I went out to the guard of the building in which I live. The friendly and smiley guard was as usual on his PC, chatting and listening to music. I asked him if he had a lighter and he told me to check whether there is one on a table in another room while he checked inside the drawers of his desk (he's a team player, I like that.) Unfortunately, our lighter-search team failed to accomplish the mission. I thanked him for the efforts and went back to my room.
It seems that I REALLY wanted to light up the oven, although I didn't really need to do that at all (the food was cooked, but cold). So my mind automatically generated this brilliant idea that made this blog possible.
I decided to hack a plug. I would short-circuit two wires and that would cause a spark at the contact point of the two wires. The spark would then light up the oven, just like matches or a lighter would.
I arranged the oven, the plug, and the wires (I used thin metallic cloth hangers for the wires) in a way that makes it easy to create and recreate my brilliant out-of-the-box experimental attempt to utilize the plug in this manner.
I placed one wire really close to the oven where the gas starts to come out. I did not to light up the oven on the first attempt because I wanted to make sure that the short-circuiting of the wires would actually generate a spark that would cause the gas coming out of the oven to light up.
So I just fix everything in place and make sure that the almost-dry towel is doing it's job of completely isolating my bare hands from the 220 volts-carrying wire. I switch on the plug and carefully grab the first wire and approach the other wire slowly and cautiously.
I knew I could die, but I really wanted to heat up my food. After all, what is life worth if you can't enjoy your midnight meals?
Anyways, I was startled by the most expected result, the spark and the sound that comes along. The lights went out. I thought that the lights won't go out because the plug wasn't a grounded plug (not connected to [the ground] for protection). But the lights went out and so did the safety switch for the whole room (for good). I went out to the electrical panel outside to see if I can turn it back on but it seemed to have been broken.
I'm cool. I finally ate my food, I was nervous so I ate it without thinking about it being cold. I'm gonna let them fix this tomorrow. I hope I won't get evicted..

Monday, February 1, 2010

Midnight Thirst

It's so dry I can barely breathe. When I wake up I usually think about what I dreamt of, or at least whether I can remember my dreams or not. But sometimes my body wakes up from thirst just like someone would wake up from a pinch or a clap. I can only think about my dry mouth and the emergency bottle of water beside my bed.
I grab it and drink water desperately trying to quench the persistent thirst. I'm not thinking, I don't even have my eyes open and I quickly put back the bottle and drop down on the bed, going back to my mind's asylum.
You might get your head hit by something then drop unconsciously into the sea only to gain consciousness while drowning, the sudden surprise invokes your instincts: 'go up for air'. This is what I felt the second time I woke up, except 'grasping' for the bottle of water, again.
I grab the faulty bottle of water and I suck on it. I squeeze it and fill my stomach with dissatisfactory water. Water simply just doesn't work. Now insomniac, a can of unhealthy and cold Red Bull is now my friend.