Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sea Waves Society

Society is like the sea with its waves. I live in a relatively quiet area, and a few days ago, I was in the bustling city taking a wake, looking at the people, the busy places, the cars, the traffic lights, the police cars that are crossing the red traffic lights, and all those pedestrians crossing the pedestrian lines, including those who rush across the pedestrian line with the red pedestrian signal racing cars coming from the other side.

There is much going on. There is always things going on. There are small things, and there are big thing. Important and unimportant. And everything is relative.

Now today, I'm watching the sea in Abu Dhabi Marina area. The view of the presidential palace and Emirates Palace hotel, with dark sparkling silver and black color of the ocean, makes a stunning one, depending on your pshychological stance at the moment you are watching of course.

I was enjoying the cool air as well as the view when I started to notice the different shapes of the waves, how all this erratic randomness must be governed by very deterministic physical rules. But aside from mathematical and engineering thoughts of fourier transforms and submarines, I started to notice how the waves differ in size and shape and how they interact with each other. There are many small waves, but also big waves, and big waves carrying with them smaller waves. There are currents of all directions and splashes, and sea and air.

It's like the busy city vibrating with waves.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Me life has been revolving around an ever evolving reporting system. And office politics to defend the only and most vital resource I have: time.

There is much more than can be done. There is beauty in this world, but all we do is sort data elements on a sheet of paper and stamp it. I am the one who casts this monochromatic process into the digital world, I am a software/web/application developer/engineer/programmer, and they call me IT guy and ask me for reporting applications.

Automating things is an essential part of my ideology. I tell machines how to do things, and I don't want to do things I know how to tell machines how to do. In other words, I don't want to perform tasks that can be defined algorithmic and delegated to a computer.

Because when I do this, I free my time, the only resource I have, to do other things that make me less of a cost center, and more of a creative center, a business engine, an innovator...