Saturday, August 14, 2010

You can’t have a magnet with a single polarity, NS or nothing.

Sacrifice, Victory

No sacrifice, no victory


I know that there are lots of things that I am giving up

There are sad stories and pain that comes along with sacrifice

But still I want victory

Which means that along with my victory there is going to be tears and regret, lots of wars and pain

This a natural part of life and it is ok. When you say I want to live, according to some thinking framework, this means that you will have as much happiness as sadness and as much comfort as pain

No sacrifice, no victory

Friday, August 13, 2010

3eddo 5allas

3eddo 5alllas el saif. Zy ma 5allas el saif elli fat. Wo 3eddo 5allas elli b3d el saif. Wo b3deeha 3eddo be5ales elli b3d. zy ma 5allaso el ayyam elli fato. Zy abel akam men yoom kan fe sana Tanya, sana owla, wo ableeha saif el 7oreyya wo 2ellet el fehem b3d tawjihi. Wo 5allas tawjehi wo sanet 3asher wel emte7an el sa3eb kteer ayam saf tase3.

5alasat 3okobet el mosha3’aba wo 5alasat el estera7a. 5serna el mobara wo fazo homma wo 5elsat e7tefalat-hom. 7abeet-ha wo 5allas el 7ob wo eja 3’erha 3ala albi b3d ma ra7at wo 5allas el 7ob. Lessa fe taqqa bs el ayyam elli fato ra7o wel ayam elli jaya 7atroo7.

They do stuff and they make me feel empty because I never did it before. I want to do it with someone that I love.

I feel sad the night of August 7, 2010.