Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Toothless Cherry, the White Flowers, and the Angry Goose

Every morning, the little kids wake up and race to the grove of white flowers to pick them up and sell them for money. They were only allowed to pick the blooming flowers. They competed to collect the most flowers to sell them in straps of 10. Little Cherry, with a smile lacking front teeth, always wins because she's organized and doesn't get distracted by the other noisy kids who tried to trick her into searching for blooming flowers where there isn't any.

The kids to wake up the earliest so they would get the blooming flowers of that day first. But they often wake up at the same time because they stayed in the same room and a chicken from the neighborhood called chickchick would come to wake them up every day for their morning endeavor or race or on that particular day for Cherry, an adventure.

Little Cherry used to have a strategy. She was organized since she was young and that still shows in her now as an adult. She says she was an ugly duckling and now her beauty is crusted with elegant confidence. The toothless cherry, wearing red that beautiful morning, would go around the flower field line by line to collect the flowers, while the other kids randomly traversed around. She would pick the most flowers because she didn't waste time going around and she most efficiently collected the most flowers. Being organized and systematic was her strategy and that still works well for her.

One day she was amazed when she found a big white flower. It was the biggest flower she ever found and it was different in the way it bloomed. This flower seemed very unique to her and had extra shine of whiteness and extra bloom and contrasted beautifully with the red shirt she was wearing. Exhilarated, she strapped this precious flower and started to celebrate her happiness. She started running around and yelling and screaming in happiness for the kids about her beautiful blooming big white flower.

Then there was the quacking. The unfriendly buzzes of an unfriendly goose startled the little tiny toothless Cherry who got scared. Out of nowhere, a quacking goose started chasing Cherry who was screaming in happiness just moments ago only to start running and scream in fear of the duck moments after.

She went around a block of flowers when unfortunately her uncle who was there watching the kids race around, grabbed the goose and saved the little Cherry. Cherry was happy she is finally safe and was glad she strapped her big flower so it wasn't harmed.

A morning of love, peace, beauty, innocence and nostalgia.