Saturday, December 12, 2009

5 years is a really long time

When I was a kid, my life used to be and maybe still is a simple square. Yes a shape. A highly dynamic square, was what my life consists of. A typical memory of my past is a flashy bright screen in the dark, and hours and hours sitting down on my computer to discover a world that does not exist. Everything is defined, clear and simple and you are in control. This might be the reason for my addiction to this flashy bright screen.
As I almost blend into this world of non-existence. Whenever I sit on the PC I almost lose awareness of my body and human, natural brain, to achieve higher understanding and further compatibility with this world that I very often choose to live in.
Yet, fortunately there is a few elements that keep me in between the worlds or else I would have forgotten many things that kept me human. Maybe the silent chilly wind that touches me to remind me that I still have a physical component besides my brain and the sound of the quiet but yet, alerting sea waves that keep on reminding me that time is going by and things are happening in the real world are reasons why addiction did not reach extreme levels.

July-8-2008 6:13PM

Monday, December 7, 2009

i can't show you what i feel what i dream

i can't show you how i feeeeeel
i can't show you all my dreams

my smiles my laughs have no meaning
when you're not there when i stare on the cieling

i can't believe what went over time
i can't see anything that is mine

sometimes i don't miss you and i try
to forget you and move on with my life

something in my mind keeps reminded
keeps me thinking of you all the time

sometimes i fall asleep in your arms
to only wake up to see all those lines

of code all night i have been writing
trying to prove myself to dijkstra and turing

and you know i try to keep on trying
and not fall down on my knees crying

feelings suck. i need to feel better.

(wrote March-14-2009 9:19PM)

Saturday, December 5, 2009 will be my blog for work related stuff. This blog will be for personal and life related subjects and aren't as geeky as those posts that will appear at
This is better since the two kinds of blogs aren't going to look right together.

Friday, December 4, 2009


It is surely an adventure to attempt a description of an endlessly intricate feeling. Because there are aspects to life, there are things that are finer than perfection. A man’s emotions inside his head, not his heart, are untamed again and his perspective on life is changed forever.

When a heart is tamed, a man is lost forever; wandering aimlessly anywhere the wind blows him. But lucky he is, who allows himself to be set free upon the effect of beauty and releases his heart from the tame and chaos and welcomes a new life, a better life, where his heart is untamed and his life has a heading.

I no more seek to explain my feelings for they are rendered tasteless once cast into words. In this new life, I am to value my heart as a very precious thing I care never to lose and never to give away to those who are not free.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My blog

I wanted to title my blog 'Experience' because in this blog I will be sharing a lot of my thoughts that arise as I experience new experiences and as I learn more things as a student who is growing up fast and can't wait for the time he is considered a professional developer.
"Can submarines swim?" is a very interesting question when it is compared to the question "Can machines think?" This is why I chose it as the title of my blog.
I always write about things I learn as a student and developer and sometimes I get philosophical and even emotional and very abstract!

Can submarines swim?

Edsger Dijkstra: The question 'can computers think' is as ill-posed and uninteresting as 'can submarines swim'.

I believe that strong intelligence can be achieved. More on that later.