Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Exercise Note 2

Once I reached the field of grass, I threw myself on the ground softened by the welcoming grass and started to contemplate the dark sky, with only 4 night lamps illuminating the edges of my view of the sky.

That when all that jogging pays off. All the blood rushing to my head tells me that there is lots of good things yet to come, there is much more to experience, the future has the potential of being beautiful, and if I wait just a little more, or by analogy, jog a little more, my life could change for the better dramatically.

The positive feelings that I get while jogging are a micro-analogy of the rewards in life. Sometimes I jog, I feel tried so I stop and enjoy a good break and the positive and jolly thoughts. But other times, I jog until I feel tired but I do not stop to get a break until I forget about the pain in my legs or my fast shallow breathing, and then 10-15 minutes later if not just a few, the rush is greater and so is the intensity of the pleasure.