Sunday, March 24, 2013

Exercise Note 1

This is not really the first note that I take after jogging. I love what happens to my mind when I stimulate myself through exercise. Most of the times I start thinking and imagining good things. Sometimes smart things, funny things, things that I find inspiring, or things that require guts.

Today I was inspired by an oasis, not in a desert of sand, but one of concrete. I was jogging amidst the building, some of them are interesting from an architectural point of view. The most important part was the fresh air. I was awake since dawn and the cool air is revitalizing.This is why I love the song Night Air by Jamie Woon; I can totally relate to it.

Before I entered the oasis I was delighted by the scent of flowers planted in front of one of the houses, I'm not sure where I was at first, and then I felt lost (still knowing the general direction I needed to take). I found myself behind the Prime Minister's residence (or is his office? near the 4th circle). The scent was beautiful, and I tried to keep its beauty in my mind as I was trying to ignore the smell of cars as I was only a few meters away.

I suddenly found myself in the oasis, there is nothing special about grass and olive trees. But I loved the green surprise. The vibrantly green and tall grass with a delicate sun shining through it was soothing to my soul that is getting worn out in an urban environment. The grass made the ground softer on my tired legs, the sun and the green made my mind arrive at a peaceful state.

I jogged from Jubeiha where I live, to Rainbow street in Jabal Amman where I had a delicious Chai Latte on that beautiful morning and had a chat with a friendly stranger who knows Farsi.

I hope this becomes a more consistent habbit.