Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Exercise Note 6

Today I was jogging. One of a series of exercises that are separated by long periods of physical stagnation (weeks between exercises, unlike 2 or so years ago when I used to exercise daily), as well as what I can almost call a curious personal transformation where my feelings are a blend of concentration, hope, sacrifice, and a bit of sadness that I haven't seen great results out of my hard work.

I jogged. I few minutes after, I felt this is going to be another dull exercise where I don't work out much. I kept going just to see how it goes, knowing the basic fact that it sometimes does get better and I should just keep going despite feeling heavy. At least a little more pushing will help me reap better health benefits out of the exercise.

I kept going and after a while it started to feel great. I felt that my breathing became more routine, easier, and automatic and the feeling that I well stop out of tiredness or lack of energy, well, that is what stopped actually and I kept going. I felt power in my lungs and my body felt like a machine, as I think it should (a flash of thought of my eating habits the last few days might be a factor in this, not going to detail this here). My brain was sparking with thoughts and dedication. This was a great exercise today. A successful exercise that lasted an hour. That's including some time walking and stretching at the end. I think I ran for half an hour at the start of the exercise; I didn't carry my phone or headphones with me as I most often do when I go exercise outside.

I don't go to the gym by the way, I jog outside and I do pass a nearby gym every time I go exercise. I think the lovely air outside and the dynamic scenery beats the dull feeling of equipment, air conditioning, and the static view of the gym by miles.

Now I'm back home to write this and I think, maybe the only thing that I need to do is just continue working on my projects and the great feelings of success will come. A few more feature sprints to develop my product further, then the sprints might accelerate or prospective customers will start noticing the advantages of my product, and/or I'll finally learn how to show the value of my products to the market more effectively.

This is my plan. Keep going for as long as I can and see what will happen. I hope it will be like my jog today: eventually great things will happen and I'll have a rational basis for feeling great. My great feelings will be a nice thought.

I realize it's been a couple of years since I last blogged here! I'm surprised it's been that long! I think I have written things during this time, but haven't posted it for some reason, including not feeling open at all, or not taking the time to do an actual structured write up.

The last "exercise note" I wrote was actually more than THREE years ago! There must be some exercise note 6 that I haven't posted... I might update this if I find it.