Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trying to give love and the deception of this title

What to say, what to say?

Conflicts in recognition, appreciation and credit. Emotions, revolutionary, indeterminism, iron, efficiency, masks. Competition, jealousy, unfair, deception, control.

Compulsiveness and tears that won’t fall. Heavy, purpose, time, it’s getting easier to fall, pen, love and intelligence. Set, credit, communicate, sadness, attempt, not enough, again, jealousy, shade, fade, trying to get back.

Deception, selfishness, friendliness, sympathy then pity. Disgust, no love, sadness, forgetting then forgiving. Greed, my greed, ambition and competition.

Words, fate, world, life, work, alone, more, love, true, relative and contextual. Searching inside, strength and weakness. Neutral, implicit connection. Success, not mine, chance, mine but taken.

Idea, no credit, manager not I, try to hurt not meant, peace of mind. Reason doesn’t exist, don’t ask why. No sense required. Not for you. Not for you. You don’t want it. Not for you.

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