Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hugging Someone I Don't Know


I felt very emotional, I was overwhelmed with warmth. I felt a desire to grab the two tiny creative creatures and hug them.

I love art and they gave me a piece of their work. I spent five minutes contemplating the working light bulb with lots of words written on it, closer to the tip of the bulb there is written:
"An equisite pleasure had invaded my senses but individual detached with no [..]ugge[..]tion of its [..]".
Manal and Eman marked a moment in my day that has already been marked with successes with wires and magnets. Their mark was a mark of happiness and warmth.

I remember that days when I used to go to Turtle Green and happily watch them work. I admired their work everytime I went there. It expressed intricacy in a very interesting way.

Today I saw them cutting the ropes and destroying the masterpiece. I was unhappy, but thrilled because I thought they were going to revampt their work of art. To my disappointment and immediate get-over moment, they told me someone else is going to fill that space with their own work of art.

It felt like they are going to leave the place for good. I felt sad but happy for them because their work was excelllent. It made me think and feel good.

Just before I grabbed by backpack to leave, Eman presented me with the light bulb and I immediately thought of something that didn't occur to me: taking a piece as a souveneir, as a memory of something I have admired. Of two girls I didn't know but loved. She said: "because you're a fan". I was very happy. Kept me having a big smile for many minutes.

I will love owning this. Hope I'll settle in a home before I lose it so that I can hang it there is a piece of art that has meaning and memory to me and which this post documents.

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