Thursday, November 5, 2015


Written on my phone while walking back home from the nearby Starbucks in Jahli park in Al Ain. It's my favorite Starbucks.

Walking around Al Ain

I am reflecting on my impression of the UAE, my career and life, what I read in the Abu Dhabi vision 2021, the posts of Shiekh Mohammed Bin Rashid, ruler of Dubai, on LinkedIn and Facebook, the great achievements of the UAE in the various sectors.

I live in the UAE and I feel freedom, efficiency and empowerment. I am proud to be a witness of the greatness that is being achieved here and inspired and motivated to participate actively and profoundly in the progress prosperity and be a contributing citizen who adds value of various kinds.

The UAE is much more than just about money and oil. These words have evolved to mean prosperity and energy. Our investment in energy is not just in oil. Oil is just a black substance, one way to even rate energy and the UAE is deeply invested in other ways of generating energy: renewable and nuclear energy. Our prosperity is not just financial but is cultural, political, governmental, educational and many other aspects in addition to financial.

The businessmen and women here are brilliant humans and ambitious problem solvers not just money makers.

If you drive off-road with your old clunky car, within minutes You might find a millionaire Arab digging under your car trying to get you out. You can't find this kind of humility and empathy anywhere else in the world.

The success of the UAE is an opportunity for the whole world as its global influence becomes increasingly stronger. The influence is financial but more than that: it's cultural in that we show and inspire with Arabic and Islamic values are about equality, humility, kindness, prosperity and doing good, it's scientific and progressive in our search for sustainability and renewable energy, and it's about peace by bringing people from all around the world in globalized cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the whole of the UAE under one roof with the objectives of being productive and contributing to the creation of a great country with a great mission.

For me this is a challenge to become a global citizen with a global influence using a powerful success platform: the UAE!

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