Monday, February 22, 2010

Plug hack

Fire and electricity are really dangerous. This is why I don't waste my time fooling around with just one of them, I mess around with both. This is exactly the reason why I'm writing this blog post in the dark.
So it's 2:14AM, half an hour after a unique incident I caused by recklessly trying to do what I want, no matter what.
I don't have a lighter (nor matches.) It's night and supermarkets are closed, so I can't get a lighter to light up the oven to heat up some food I got from a restaurant yesterday.
I went out to the guard of the building in which I live. The friendly and smiley guard was as usual on his PC, chatting and listening to music. I asked him if he had a lighter and he told me to check whether there is one on a table in another room while he checked inside the drawers of his desk (he's a team player, I like that.) Unfortunately, our lighter-search team failed to accomplish the mission. I thanked him for the efforts and went back to my room.
It seems that I REALLY wanted to light up the oven, although I didn't really need to do that at all (the food was cooked, but cold). So my mind automatically generated this brilliant idea that made this blog possible.
I decided to hack a plug. I would short-circuit two wires and that would cause a spark at the contact point of the two wires. The spark would then light up the oven, just like matches or a lighter would.
I arranged the oven, the plug, and the wires (I used thin metallic cloth hangers for the wires) in a way that makes it easy to create and recreate my brilliant out-of-the-box experimental attempt to utilize the plug in this manner.
I placed one wire really close to the oven where the gas starts to come out. I did not to light up the oven on the first attempt because I wanted to make sure that the short-circuiting of the wires would actually generate a spark that would cause the gas coming out of the oven to light up.
So I just fix everything in place and make sure that the almost-dry towel is doing it's job of completely isolating my bare hands from the 220 volts-carrying wire. I switch on the plug and carefully grab the first wire and approach the other wire slowly and cautiously.
I knew I could die, but I really wanted to heat up my food. After all, what is life worth if you can't enjoy your midnight meals?
Anyways, I was startled by the most expected result, the spark and the sound that comes along. The lights went out. I thought that the lights won't go out because the plug wasn't a grounded plug (not connected to [the ground] for protection). But the lights went out and so did the safety switch for the whole room (for good). I went out to the electrical panel outside to see if I can turn it back on but it seemed to have been broken.
I'm cool. I finally ate my food, I was nervous so I ate it without thinking about it being cold. I'm gonna let them fix this tomorrow. I hope I won't get evicted..

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