Monday, February 1, 2010

Midnight Thirst

It's so dry I can barely breathe. When I wake up I usually think about what I dreamt of, or at least whether I can remember my dreams or not. But sometimes my body wakes up from thirst just like someone would wake up from a pinch or a clap. I can only think about my dry mouth and the emergency bottle of water beside my bed.
I grab it and drink water desperately trying to quench the persistent thirst. I'm not thinking, I don't even have my eyes open and I quickly put back the bottle and drop down on the bed, going back to my mind's asylum.
You might get your head hit by something then drop unconsciously into the sea only to gain consciousness while drowning, the sudden surprise invokes your instincts: 'go up for air'. This is what I felt the second time I woke up, except 'grasping' for the bottle of water, again.
I grab the faulty bottle of water and I suck on it. I squeeze it and fill my stomach with dissatisfactory water. Water simply just doesn't work. Now insomniac, a can of unhealthy and cold Red Bull is now my friend.

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