Sunday, April 4, 2010


I need inspiration..
beddi eshi y5aleeni arsom rasma.. y5aleeni nefsi aktob eshi aw y3teeni 7ayaweyya
beddi ebtesama 3afaweyya men bent 5ajola wo tasarof mortabek men benet zeh2at tkoon hadaya wo 5ajoola
beddi arsom rasma wo a7ess b2eshi.. 3al 2a2al a7ess enno 3a2li mesh bs lal tafkeer wil mante2 bs brdo lal 7ob wel sho3oor.

There are treasures in every person and I believe anyone could inspire me to at least some extent
I'm not looking for love, but for that overwhelming sensation of absolute mental connectivity.. for absolute clarity and understanding.. for a vague picture I drew that I don't even know what it is, but she does, I need someone help give meaning to my mind.

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