Thursday, May 20, 2010

nice day

Forest, desert, scribbles and fun. (and i can't focus now.)
wow. great. woke up today and met some new people and ended up with new friends with which i've really enjoyed my time. thanks memo :)
yeah.. spending some time in the forest... taking random pictures and working with stressed people who want to get a movie done, was also fun...
The desert, as it was a dessert, great ending. and a warm hug.
black eyes. no no they're brown. yeah and beautiful, otherwise not mentioned.
iron man 2 for a conclusion before going to bed. don't wanna go to bed but really tired.
sand and I mean lots of sand. but only if you pick it up and scatter it. great place to camp. nothing, absolute loneliness, made great with someone you love.
memory card... some music. sandwich, donuts.

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