Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A conversation with a person X

Hi Mazin. Keefak? Ana embare7 blah blah blah and then blah blah blah [Mazin: tries to fake his desire to listen by trying to synthesize something useful to say but it’s really hard to respond to lots of blah blah blah. My attempts to respond are bombarded by another series of blahs that begin uniquely as follows]: Oh, you make me remember! That guys has a blah blah blah then his friend is blah with a blah and by the way there’s that blah blah that does a really interesting blah blah.

X is getting more excited about the perfection of the blah world with all the blah details. And this conversation will not stop so please go do something useful and leave me deal with it, I sacrifice myself so that you [the reader] go do something useful.

Mazin is immersed in that blah world and he starts to lose attention and consciousness. He is cast into a very distant and imaginary world and suddenly a seemingly random expression expressing amazement is rendered among the infinite stream of blahs, like this:

X: blah blah blah and blah… Hahahah this is so funny, blah blah blah blah and [Person Name] and X's friend blah blah. Mazin says “Wow.” And looks into the distance contemplating the imaginary world and X is more excited because X thinks that Mazin actually possesses the ability to listen to all what X says. UNFORTUNATELY I CAN’T! It’s just a rule of physics I guess, but I JUST CAN’T! It’s beyond my mental ability. But the powers of blahs are instatiable and they go on and on and on.

X: Listen remind me later to tell you about that pile of blahs that I have for you. Now let’s talk seriously about business.
Mazin: [I say to myself, finally, X is appreciating the concept of time.]
X: So let’s take this perspective when we talk about this project… [Interrupted by some guy, girl or whatever that is] Oh hey [person name], blah blah and bye. X continues: Sorry this guy talks much but I want to talk business so I’m going to talk to him later, blah and blah, you see I hate to talk a lot and I’m not like this all the time. But you see we have to talk about work because work is important and because we shouldn’t waste our time talking about blah and blah and yeah remind me to tell you about this blah blah that keeps on doing blah blah and you look just like him and he has blah blah. And with regards to blah blah that is related to our work it's blah blah also just like that.

Mazin: I think I’m going to permanently move to the imaginary world that I have created. Please wish me luck there.

X: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah....

Sorry X, but I’m just expressing my frustration from wasting lots of brain cycles on this. Please consider upgrading your software.


  1. M@ZEN I feel that you deal with ur brain like a computer processor. Come on man, be easy.hahahaha

  2. I changed, i'm better now :D