Thursday, February 3, 2011

Inside the Citadel

This is just greatness. The Combine’s Citadel is a massive structure of steal and technology used in their war against the humans (Resistance). Alyx’s Dog helped me to get inside the citadel by lifting one of the walls and when I sneaked in I found my way to some transport lines, some part of a production line. I thought that’s where people are processed to become transhuman combine forces.

The line took me through amazing parts of the great Citadel. A great and, though it’s weird to say, an impressive effort has been put into creating the Citadel. I just passed above 3 Striders and they did nothing to me. They were just passing through. I wonder if these are Combine creatures or just war machinery controlled or programmed by the Combine.

There were many small cells, which look like those that hold people, similar to the one in which Dr. Eli Vance was held captive in.

I also saw some devices that I didn’t recognize and 2 people being slaved into work. I recognized several Combine Gunships being stored and transported through the Citadel.

They took all my weapons when I was just dropped from the air into a field that dropped me down slowly. A confiscation field has been activated as a voice warned me. All my weapons has been stranded in the air and destroyed/taken by the devices, except for my Gravity Gun. The Gravity Gun seemed to have malfunctioned the confiscation devices. And then it dropped into the floor.

Transhuman Combined forces approached me with gun fire. Now I have to kill one with my gravity gun and take one of their weapons and continue the Resistance movement and find Alyx Vance and save humanity!

Whoa. The gravity Gun killed the 3 transhumans with one shot each! They didn’t drop any weapons though. The Gravity Gun seems to have been altered. It’s extremely powerful now. Colors white and looks like it’s almost going to blow up. The gun sends my enemies flying the air and drop into the group shocked and electrified! Yeah! My HEV suit could be charged to up to 200 now! I am the one!

Resistance From inside the Citadel. Freedom!

Morgan Freeman

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