Monday, August 12, 2013

Ice cream tranquility and shyness

The definition of tranquility: a 4 year old with ice cream.

The little kid was eating ice cream with an immense amount of satisfaction that I couldn't help but look at her and smile. She seemed to really be enjoying her ice cream which covered her whole face with ultimate cuteness.

I was sitting in a table next to her table in a Mall called Al Bawadi, Al Ain. I was going to have a quick chicken burger before going to have coffee.

I was surprised when the little girl approached me shyly and said hello. Her voice was barely audible. She was so shy, covering her face while staring at me. I didn't know I could have such an affect on adorable children.

So I started to 'try' to make the encounter less awkward by asking simple questions like her name and age. Her answers were also barely audible and she continually looked back at her mum with her hands on her face, in total ultimate cute shyness.


  1. its cool how kids are shy and own it, unlike us adults. you know if we are shy its awkward for people to be around us because we might say something totally stupid and come across as anti-social people.
    we could learn a great deal from kids, because they kind of know how to be themselves, come what may. I guess shy people are stereotyped to often because they just cant own their shyness due to how easily a society controls them. I don't know.

    1. Yes, even she was very shy, she was able to communicate a very friendly and cute message. I agree with you! Her spontaneity is something to learn from!