Saturday, December 12, 2009

5 years is a really long time

When I was a kid, my life used to be and maybe still is a simple square. Yes a shape. A highly dynamic square, was what my life consists of. A typical memory of my past is a flashy bright screen in the dark, and hours and hours sitting down on my computer to discover a world that does not exist. Everything is defined, clear and simple and you are in control. This might be the reason for my addiction to this flashy bright screen.
As I almost blend into this world of non-existence. Whenever I sit on the PC I almost lose awareness of my body and human, natural brain, to achieve higher understanding and further compatibility with this world that I very often choose to live in.
Yet, fortunately there is a few elements that keep me in between the worlds or else I would have forgotten many things that kept me human. Maybe the silent chilly wind that touches me to remind me that I still have a physical component besides my brain and the sound of the quiet but yet, alerting sea waves that keep on reminding me that time is going by and things are happening in the real world are reasons why addiction did not reach extreme levels.

July-8-2008 6:13PM

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