Monday, December 7, 2009

i can't show you what i feel what i dream

i can't show you how i feeeeeel
i can't show you all my dreams

my smiles my laughs have no meaning
when you're not there when i stare on the cieling

i can't believe what went over time
i can't see anything that is mine

sometimes i don't miss you and i try
to forget you and move on with my life

something in my mind keeps reminded
keeps me thinking of you all the time

sometimes i fall asleep in your arms
to only wake up to see all those lines

of code all night i have been writing
trying to prove myself to dijkstra and turing

and you know i try to keep on trying
and not fall down on my knees crying

feelings suck. i need to feel better.

(wrote March-14-2009 9:19PM)

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