Friday, December 4, 2009


It is surely an adventure to attempt a description of an endlessly intricate feeling. Because there are aspects to life, there are things that are finer than perfection. A man’s emotions inside his head, not his heart, are untamed again and his perspective on life is changed forever.

When a heart is tamed, a man is lost forever; wandering aimlessly anywhere the wind blows him. But lucky he is, who allows himself to be set free upon the effect of beauty and releases his heart from the tame and chaos and welcomes a new life, a better life, where his heart is untamed and his life has a heading.

I no more seek to explain my feelings for they are rendered tasteless once cast into words. In this new life, I am to value my heart as a very precious thing I care never to lose and never to give away to those who are not free.

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