Sunday, March 7, 2010

mental junk

I want you to know…
But I remember
Night and sea, files and a window, night and sky, sea and its breeze, farewell and tears
He was on the ground, waiting for me. Or I was looking for him…
My clothes didn’t matter… He made me see what can’t be seen…
But wasn’t a memory or just a dream
So did he actually die…
Or did she know?
Maybe this is why she never listened
I’m back to do what I used to do
It’s all in my mind. My heart pumps blood and that’s all…
Dust is sadness and a deep breath is strong wind.
Love is free falling… Smiling.
If you only feel it.. it’s in your mind
But it was there…
The wood block was under the table
I used to go in eights and circles.
Jump to reach the ceiling.
Now I want to found my own company and its hard work and I spend lots of time working at home and reading at the library… Still, nothing is guaranteed.
I want my shirt to have a screen on it that shows images to what’s in my mind
Natural language is only an interface to thinking, an incomplete interface that attempts to provide thinking by expressing thoughts.. providing a means to express thoughts but there is more to thinking than NL
The book’s first two pages and last two pages where orange. And the monster lay in between. The maze was dangerous but I had to keep on reading
“They’re still young species”

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