Monday, May 21, 2012

سعادة الفشل

Today I felt that my mental psychological responses to events have matured, fine-tuned to facilitate determination towards success. I made this observation today when I felt like I failed, I was indeed disappointed but I was very happy because that fact that I wasn't successful meant that I actually tried, and the key to success according to many success stories, is trial and learning from error.

Today I got the Third place in a competition that I really wanted to win. My application has lots of potential, but what I think it lacked and made the other applications win is their guaranteed audience and the fact that they are well-polished as final products. I obtained valuable insights about several of my applications.

I proved once more (to myself) that I really need to focus my efforts. My mind is still scattered between several ideas I’m really enthusiastic about. I need to get things in control, be really effective with time since I need to get things done before they pile up and lose all focus!

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