Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Null emotional

I'm not an emotional person. In fact, I was very emotional when I was a kid. I think life experiences stripped away my emotions. Now, friends leaving, graduating from university, people crying, lectures ending, friends leaving for good, friends coming back after a long time, doesn't make me feel anything. I'm like action-oriented. No love no emotions and the things that I consider are actions. You're paralyzed, ugly, don't know how to draw, you don't know how to party, or to dress right, but you know how to write software: all respect. If you have all the confidence in the world, dress perfectly, talk appropriatly, dance and party, know how to be a genius, but you don't do anything, then you don't exist to me.

Being warmly congratulated by someone I don't know for my graduation made me feel like oh man, people are so emotional. I am like, whatever, next level more independent software and computer science research, work at a company and do my post graduate learning.

My roommates are leaving back to taiwan. Great see you later. I really liked them and enjoyed my time with them. But what? Cry? For what? See you when I see you.

I am not a bad person. Not only because I don't do bad things to people but I don't ignore them completely. I try to be as nice as I can but generally I am distracted and can't stand a minute without doing work or engage in interesting conversations.

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