Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Imperfect Nature of Democracy

The following is a passing point of thought, not thoroughly investigated though.

People should stop calling for democracy as the single best political structure for all countries.

Democracy is simply and greatly affected by propaganda and this is the primary function of political parties and election campaigns.

A considerable amount of the masses, the thoughtless masses – and there are many in every country, – are manipulated into following a specific political movement by social or psychological means that aren’t logical or the results of which aren’t the best for the entity, the governing of which is the concern (most commonly countries).

I am against monarchies because who appointed a king? What divine right do kings and queens have and what justifies their designation as such? (This is also questionable even in those countries where a prime minister is in control over the political affairs and major decisions, and the power is with the people). Being a King or Queen is just silly to me, just like being a dictator. So I’m not saying here is that democracy is wrong, but remarking upon its imperfections.

People are not equal. Democracy is based upon the principle that everyone has the right to vote and equally participate in the governing process. This means that it gives way for further imperfections, malfunction and a weak system based on statistical variables of the people participating in such a democracy.

Considering the simple flaws of the democratic process, that sometimes mimics that of product/service commercials, democracy is not something to be sought blindly and in every context. Sometimes it’s not suitable.

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