Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[Draft] Power delegation

Most of the people I knew, when they think of greatness they immediately delegate the greatness and its possession to gods and supernatural beings and tend to view the matter spiritually. This kind of thinking is that of a convenient humble person who is not going to help humanity progress.

The purpose of human life is to obtain as much power as possible in order to do whatever it is that we imagine. That’s the ultimate general human ambition. Anything can be done, but we need to gain power to actually do it.
Our philosophical views on life would change if our abilities increases. (Also our ability will increase if we embrace an attitude that drives us to desire more power.) Great men are always on their feet, they are always tired, they are always working, and they are stressed and not relaxed waiting for greatness to be achieved by some, real or imagined, being. With every major human development, they are actively taking chances, creating chances, failing and succeeding. Some tend to want to avoid that altogether and some find excuses to not want it in the first place. Not very dissimilar from kids procrastinating on their household chores or homework.
We need to free ourselves from all that fear, the fear of admitting that human beings can become the gods that they worship.
We don’t want to admit that human beings will live eternally, will live much richer and meaningful lives than the one we have now, and will simply experience things we can only imagine nowadays (and perhaps lots of other things we don’t even imagine). And we don’t want to admit because we’re too weak to face the disturbing thought involved in acknowledging the existence of something we want badly and the capacity of other people (beyond us in space and time) to get what we failed/are failing to get. What an egoistic (because we assume we are the best, we have the best possible life every), and pricey failure (because we are missing out!).
But how? Science. We need to focus on scientific discovery and advancement much more as a species. I wonder about the percentage of scientists in the various fields of science in the world. More human effort need to be invested in the scientific human endeavor. People shall respect science as the means to move forward and never doubt the power of the accurate acquisition of information and our attempts to exactly represent/model and understand the world.
Biology, medicine, genetics, neurology, psychology, mathematics and computer science are the means for a literally eternal life and not prejudiced assumptions about god and history and false causal associations. It’s not our weaknesses, failure and fears that decide what’s possible.

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