Saturday, June 9, 2012

Soy Conversations

I tried to rephrase it without being an utter geek but now I wonder if only she would be able to understand me if I said:
"Soy Sauce derives from soy. Soy milk also derives from soy. Now, the question is, is the taste of Soy milk consistent with the taste one could deduce of soy given the information obtained about the taste of soy sauce?"

I asked her if generally soy milk tastes like soy sauce but that wasn't really my question. She said no, they are different. And of course they are different.

But like apples juice and apple pie. They are both derivatives of apples and the derived implementations are consistent with the base class. Meaning they both abstractly taste like apples.

A month after I wrote this I asked another Taiwanese friend the same question, but stated this time much more naturally (this phrasing didn't occur to me the first time). I said: "I have tasted soy sauce but didn't taste soy milk." I wanted to continue with a question, but she interrupted me like a stupid bubbly person saying lots of blahs and stuff about Tofu. I then asked: "Given that I have tasted Soy Sauce, can I imagine the taste of Soy Milk?". She said yes, but Soy Milk is sweet. Looking forward to try that thing.


  1. You have a way with words, man. I haven't read much, I've just found the time to check out your blog, but I love this one!

  2. Thanks Raya! And welcome to my blog. Hope you're doing great!