Monday, January 7, 2013

Deb deb deb...

A simple physiological response or wait the cause thinking in higher level terms is. In high level terms, a cute girl, your particular kind that you think suits you and for whom you would actually try to do things to get her attention, her attraction and finally her admiration of you, enters the room and you simply, become dumbfounded.

My internals are bursting with things I don't understand. My arms feel heavy, I'm more dance ready moving like a fool on the chair on which I'm sitting while typing this. She's infront of me, in the background behind the screen. I'm not staring, but it makes me happy to look every once in a while. I told her she is cute 15 minutes ago, just to let her know why I look so she wouldn't have to wonder if she has something funny on her hair.

I don't want to try. The commonality of human feelings should deal with things.. but we're not objects but things get complicated so easily because of all the things that we think about. Some things should be simple, no sophistication, not headache necessary. Keep the great thinking for science.

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