Thursday, January 24, 2013

Too many eager electrons

Today I was shocked, literally. I wasn't counting but I think it was for 3 seconds or so. This is what I wrote this morning after the happy electrocution.

It came as a surprise. My mental system became ‘literally’ shocked wondering what is happening.
I lifted my leg as fast as I, or my spine, realized that that step was a bad move. I jumped on the bed staring at my victim foot wondering why the fierce and painful buzzing persists! The wires where actually stuck to my feet like they’re so insistently sucking life, like someone clinging to what is theirs.

For a second I thought I was going to die because of all that intensity. But that didn’t matter at the time. What mattered was the infinite number of bites per second causing pain to my foot. Then I was able to see the eager wire sucking life, I grabbed it and threw it away saying “Jesus!”

I think I said Jesus because I’m used to. Simply cultural effects of western movies, shows and video games. And it’s my family name translated, that’s surely the reason.

Then I was calm but still surprised by all this unexpected intensity. And how thrilling it is to get electrocuted, how horrible it is to think you’re going to die.

220V, I’m not sure about the current, maybe 50-60mA, but it is painful. But it is not as scary as I thought it should be or maybe I was lucky not being stung in my chest or somewhere higher in my body.

The pain was localized. Of course the whole of my mental state was in shock but I was capable of conscious thinking making the decision to look at what the mess was happening to my leg and then realizing the problem to finally grabbing the wire to throw it away.


  1. 7mdellah 3ala Salamtak I guess :-)
    People die of such accidents! Be Careful next time

  2. The shock was an interesting experience. You're right! I had to remove it! Thanks Nusaiba