Saturday, March 20, 2010

Community Service

Finally! It's been a long while since I felt that I -at least tried to- make a contribution to the community. I met people at the East West Initiative who are very motivated to serve the community and I wish I met them more than a year ago when I really needed to do some volunteering.
We visited a center that houses a group of mentally disabled persons (most of which are children). The most part that affected me was learning that mentally disabled people also feel. Unfortunately, it's very hard, if possible at all, for them to communicate their feelings or needs. I am still confused whether it is pointless or not to just be with the kids and make them feel better. It is surely good for them but I am not sure whether what we did was enough and even worth it.
We will do it again. I love what one of my friends in the group said while evaluating what we did. He said that whatever effect we had on the disabled lives, we had a great effect on the manager of the center. The manager of the center and the staff's belief in youth and their desire for a strong and harmonic community and also their willingness to help, was revived.
I want to see myself contributing to others. And I also want others to be beside me working on making the community a better place for everyone. I'm happy that we are determined to do more.

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