Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brain extended

I'm not a neuroscientist but I have this idea. The brain is a network of neuronal cells (neurons) that is structured in an amazing and hard to comprehend manner.
The main point that I want to say is that why do we always eliminate the possibility that other parts of our body participate in the thinking and planning processes which are the main functions of the mind when we talk about the brain, what it is and what's part of it.
Since the brain is a group of connected cells, and sensor and control neurons that go to other body parts such as the heart, the hands, etc are connected to it, then they might also participate (for at least a limited extent) in the control, thinking and perception functions of the brain.

Update Feb 15th, 2012 [Draft update]:
For example, consider the fact that you can't think clearly and work on your math problems if your leg hurts. But why? A person doesn't think with their leg's nerves but they are connected to the CNS and affect its functioning. This is why continuous pain infliction could cause brain damage.

As a way to illustrate further the consequences of thinking in this direction, consider an infant  whose mental development occurred without the effects of the physical. How would their thinking be different that if they developed with the physical including pain, sexual gratification and others were involved.

One of my friends told me that some project human beings body's will evolve in a way such that they won't have limbs. What will happen to the parts of the brain that works to control these? They won't disappear but they will be utilized and they will be invoked to address other brain functions. Perhaps some that aren't currently mapped to any brain part.

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