Monday, June 7, 2010

Fat and the Brain

I came across this title while in the library: "Survival of the fattest: The Key to Human Brain Evolution". I wondered what this strangely titled book was about so I started with the cover and contents where I found the description of part 1: The Human Brain: Unique Yet Vulnerable.

The author says "Beginning with an introduction to human evolution and plasticity of the human brain, it turns to the brain's high energy requirements and the unique role of body fat as energy insurance for the developing brain for babies."

Bill Gates wrote in his first annual letter for his charity foundation that poor people are the least empowered to solve their problems. I find it appealing to relate this fact to the other fact that most kids in Africa are 'starvingly' thin. So a bag of rice really makes a difference and once people get enough to eat they'll have enough brain-power to solve their problems.

Take care and eat healthy. Our brains still need energy.

I'm reposting this as I am revisiting my role as a simple human being in solving the issues relating to poverty and other basic issues that human beings still face.

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