Monday, June 14, 2010

What's this about?

Something's pushing my brain out of my head. I feel pressure on the sides and the ceiling of this repulsive skull. I feel sand or angry I'm not sure... Maybe both. I don't like it when I don't like seeing people that I don't like.
I don't want to be understood. I want to stop being irritated. Yes I am a Gemini and I do want to love* every girl I see. Provocative, I'm aggravated.
Time for metal music? "My heart's a grave yard baby... and to evil we make love..." Passion's Killing Floor - HIM
I love Scorpions because they have really good music. Lolerei. You gotta a problem with that? I feel I want to start a fight, oh which reminds me by  the way of a song called "Getting Away With Murder" for Papa Roach, it says "I feel irrational, so confrontational, [forgot the words], because I'm getting away with murder!" Good song. Better mood. Hang over? Yesterday was fine! Mmmm.
I need to call some people... I don't have the time. I need to do some work I said I'll commit to, but obviously I didn't.
So what's this about? People I love. There are many.

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